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What Is A Heart Healthy Diet? A heart healthy diet is a diet meant to promote a healthy cardiovascular system, specifically a healthy heart, by controlling such issues as cholesterol and blood pressure. There are many different elements to a heart healthy diet involving particular types of foods and eating habits.

One of the major goals of a heart healthy diet is limiting the intake of cholesterol, which can clog arteries and lead to many different heart problems. Simple carbohydrates, such as the sugar contained in soda or candy, tends to contain a great deal of cholesterol; it is much better to get carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates, such as whole-wheat pasta or rice. Fattening and greasy foods should also be consumed only in moderation; they tend to contain fat and cholesterol which can both be bad for the heart.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods are very important and helpful parts of any heart healthy diet. These foods contain no cholesterol, as cholesterol is not produced in any plant life. They also contain dietary fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol.

Moderation in eating habits is an extremely important part of any heart healthy diet. It is important to eat regular meals at regular intervals; skipping meals or snacking excessively between meals can be quite unhealthy. Skipping meals deprives the heart of necessary nutrients and also tends to throw off the regulation of blood sugar. This can result in food cravings and excessive hunger, leading one to overeat. Overeating is often unhealthy for the heart; unless one makes a point of eating particularly healthy food, excessive food intake often increases one's cholesterol and fat levels, which is not good for a heart healthy diet.

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Here you will find many Heart Healthy Recipes for a heart healthy diet to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Some of these recipes also have Weight Watchers Points values.